Jonathan W.
Member Since 2018-08-22 17:14:25 UTC

Love it


Qualia Mind
2018-09-05 07:03:18 UTC

It's only been a few weeks but the added value of Qualia Mind is unquestionable!

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Pamela S.
2018-06-09 10:56:56 UTC
Brain doesn't "die" at 8 hours any more.

Working a 12-hour hospital shift is daunting but I have no choice. Qualia Mind allows me to still feel focused after 8 hours.

Richard B.
2018-05-15 23:04:04 UTC
Still waiting

I have not yet noticed any difference.

Angel G.
2018-05-19 20:42:30 UTC
Qualia Mind

I am fully convinced there is no other brain enhancing product on sale, Qualia Mind has ingredients that deliver results unlike imitators. I got my sleeping schedule back in order, i am able to stay alert, meditate, and enjoy fuller days...Read more.

Nutrition for the Mind

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