Heather Sandison, ND
Medical Advisor

Most of us have had a disappointing interaction with the culture and approach of conventional medical care. Perhaps it was a doctor who prescribed a highly addictive medication for back pain while seeming minimally interested regarding the pain’s precise cause. Perhaps it was a doctor writing a script for an old-standby antibiotic for symptoms barely heard out let alone dynamically analyzed. Or maybe it was waiting weeks for an appointment with a specialist only arrive on time for your appointment then wait for hours and spend 7 minutes with the doctor. Dr. Heather Sandison is not one of these doctors, and her practice is doing its part to drag approaches of yesteryear into the 21st century.

After earning her N.D. at Bastyr University outside Seattle, she took her passion for true healthcare to San Diego, CA where she is the founder and medical director of North County Natural Medicine, a pioneering clinic of integrative medicine in Encinitas, CA. Her list of expertise is impressive: bio-identical hormone therapy, integrative neurochemistry balancing, Walsh metabolic integrative psychiatry, mold and environmental exposure detoxification, Egoscue postural therapy, thyroid balancing, gut-brain axis issues and more. She mentors students at Bastyr’s San Diego campus, preparing the next generation of medical professionals to care for the body as a whole, and for the root causes of its ailments.

Dr. Sandison’s broad naturopathic education made her particularly appreciative of Qualia’s potential. The feedback from her patients to whom she’s recommended Qualia have been so positive that she’s helping our research team in developing future NHC products. Utilizing bloodwork and diagnostics to create custom stacks is coming down the pike for NHC, and with educations as accomplished as Dr. Sandison helming our research, we’re more than a little pumped regarding our future product lineup.

North County Natural Medicine

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