Memory Protect

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Powerful dual-action cognition & memory support

12 Colostrinin-Lithium (C-Li) Capsules | 24 Lithium (Li) Capsules 

    • Memory Protect
    • 12 Colostrinin-Lithium (C-Li) Capsules | 24 Lithium (Li) Capsules

As you age, certain proteins can accumulate in your brain and begin to affect memory, brain cell health, and cognitive function. Inflammation, certain types of enzyme activity, and blood sugar levels also play a role. Our Memory Protect formula provides nutrients that address these critical health factors, and is our most advanced memory and cognitive health support supplement ever.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Promotes healthy brain cell growth and communication
  • Inhibits enzymes and inflammation that can affect your brain
  • Supports brain levels of glucose already within normal range
  • Inhibits the production of proteins that can affect cognition
  • Encourages the natural breakdown of those proteins

Memory Protect is the only formula that combines these unique polypeptides with small amounts of the trace mineral lithium. There is no other formula like this one. For unrivaled memory and cognitive health support for the aging brain, choose Memory Protect, and help maintain your brain.

More facts About Memory Protect

In a youthful, healthy brain there are certain types of proteins that are created and cleared quickly and efficiently through natural processes. But as we age, these proteins begin to accumulate, affecting memory and cognitive function. Plus, these proteins (called abeta proteins) can unfavorably influence tau proteins closely associated with cognitive health and memory.

Colostrinin Proline-rich polypeptide complex

Colostrinin is a milk peptide that favorably affects gene expression associated with abeta protein production.1 This compound also encourages enzymes that help break down abeta proteins naturally.1 Animal studies show that the colostrinin polypeptide complex in Memory Protect encouraged learning and memory, along with a 26% median life-span increase.2

Encouraging healthy brain cell growth and function

In laboratory studies, colostrinin favorably altered the gene expression of cells in culture to those produced by natural nerve growth factor, promoting differentiation of primitive cells into functioning adult neuron cells, and encouraging healthy neurite growth — tiny structures essential for cell-to-cell communication.3,4

Lithium, the “brain element”

Lithium has been used to promote healthy mood for some time.5 But now, research indicates that lithium helps inhibit the GSK3 enzyme, which affects tau protein phosphorylation.6 Phosphorylation is a biochemical process where phosphate combines with an organic compound. Phosphorylated tau proteins can contribute to age-related cognitive decline and memory health.

Inhibiting GSK3 enzyme promotes cognitive health

Inhibiting GSK3 may also help maintain healthy glucose levels already within normal range in the brain.7,8 Lithium also promotes autophagy,5 the healthy breakdown of tau and abeta proteins. And in animal studies, lithium helped maintain memory health and cognitive performance.9

Unrivaled memory and cognitive health support

This is the only formula that combines both colostrinin and lithium for memory and cognitive health support. It is also the most advanced memory and brain health supplement we have ever offered. Try Memory Protect today. And help maintain your brain.

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Mind Awakening

I am a senior engineer at a fortune thirty one company and at forty four years of age my mind has had some sort of fog with regards to focus and certainly a lack of endurance in what I do. My Wechsler IQ Score has hit 136.8 but after using all that mental muscle for work I'd leave for home and the cerebral exhaustion would make me dull and somewhat lethargic around my wife and children. I just wanted to stare at a wall and attempt to recuperate. I decided to try Qualia because the posted research on its components had me rather curious, tempted, and hopeful. After receiving the product I read the materials and followed it to the tee with caution and my doubts. Day one I began with a one third dose with little perceived effect; the bottle did say that things were based on body weight and sensitivity. I thought that was very reasonable so I gave it another try. As I am a 245lbs male and respond well to most things I decided that for day two I would increase to a two thirds dose and see what happened. Holy smokes I could feel the impact of Qualia in action the first time and felt free from my stated restraints. As I continued with Qualia for two weeks the aggregate effect was like a slap in the face to my consciousness. Exactly as other testimonials have asserted I too completely dropped this brain fog experience and was able to concentrate - truly concentrate and with raw power. Not only was I able to concentrate at my own will but the endurance I could do this for was the entire day! I am following the regimen as noted being careful to take Step One with no food for at least thirty minutes of my morning with a glass of water and then following up later on with Step Two taken with food (for me that's around brunch/lunch). I am also taking two days off as the materials declare - weekends by choice but you can mix that up with a weekday if you choose to. I have tried the full dose once or twice but for me I think I'll stay at two thirds for a while long...

Love it

Feel great Worth every penny


I am glad to give you an outstanding review. The first day I took Qualia, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my ability to focus and organize my day. I am sleeping better as well. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It is well worth the cost......John Scott Roden

Not what I spect

May work for some people but it wasn’t what I spect from all I read about it. It was like caffeine and that’s all and don’t drink coffee so was awful for me


Better than most I've tried.