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Qualia was designed to cause a noticeable uplift in your subjective experience of focus, energy, and mood within 30 minutes of taking it, as well as support long-term brain health and central nervous system function. Qualia is a product designed to maximize mental and emotional potential by addressing both short and long term wellness.

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Great team an customer service

Great team an customer service

A Complete Paradigm Shift

Quailia has been instrumental in unleashing my full potential as a human being. This product has taken me from one “holy shit, I didn’t believe I could do that” moment to another in the mental, physical, emotional, intuitional, and spiritual facets. I would cut my internet bill before I cut Qualia out. Thank you so much to the Neurohacker Collective for sharing this tremendous potential with the world.

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Basically learned how to play the guitar over night



Lifting the Veil

During the first 3 or 4 days I can't say definitively whether or not I experienced any significant changes. Other than the fact that I CONSISTENTLY wake up everyday at 5 AM! Something I NEVER did before. I can also say with the utmost certainty that by the end of week 1 (currently in the middle of week 2) I am noticing some awesome transformations. I notice how I just have a desire to complete tasks. Not just to "get it done" but in a manner that is fulfilling. Four days ago I begin keeping a journal. I write in it every morning. Just thoughts, ideas, and plans for my day. I've cut back on watching tv tremendously. I want to interact with people more. I've tried other nootropics and nothing has ever come close to this. I don't feel "cloudy". This experience is not a "high" type of sensation. I just feel "present". If you're on the fence, I'd say take a leap of faith. I'm glad I did.