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Qualia was designed to cause a noticeable uplift in your subjective experience of focus, energy, and mood within 30 minutes of taking it, as well as support long-term brain health and central nervous system function. Qualia is a product designed to maximize mental and emotional potential by addressing both short and long term wellness.

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Wow, I am so impressed. I cannot believe how well Qualia works with no side affects. I have ADHD and struggle with the frontal lobe processes. This has brought me peace and clarity. Then the added benefit is my mood has increased without the feeling of being drugged or numbed. Then no feeling of crashing or depression due to the crashing. I feel like me or the me I am supposed to be.

Almost perfect

Incredibly effective most times. It always comes with a Qualia promo card. Why not add a grid on it that lets me record how much/many I'm taking a day. Also, please start creating a way to start customizing my intake per month. I only take 2/4 instead of 3/6 which means one bottle lasts me more than a month, and since I'm a subscriber, the stock starts piling up.

14 Day Qualia Review

Overall, I am benefiting from Qualia and will continue to take it. I'm an author and plan to write and publish 1.5 million words this year. That kind of productivity takes extreme self-discipline and mental focus. On top of that, I have severe ADHD that I only treat with diet, exercise, and nootropics. I'm also a mom and the housekeeper of the family. So, you can see, my hands are full.

Pros: One of the biggest benefits I've seen since starting Qualia is that the severe emotional anxiety I experience every month with PMS did not happen this month. It was a marked difference. As a mood stabilizer, Qualia above and beyond any other nootropic stack I've ever taken. I felt my overall my mood was positive over the last two weeks I took this supplement.
The intense rush of creative energy I experience when I take Qualia is kind of amazing. I can't quite describe it, but as a creator, I have to say I truly appreciate it.

Cons: The first day I took this stack, I experienced an intense headache. I lowered the dose the next day and experienced less headache. By the third day, the headache was gone. But it still kind of killed my productivity the first day.
I miss the intense feeling of focus and energy stimulation with my previous noopept/caffeine stack. With my ADHD, that's something I need. I'm considering trying to mix the stacks to achieve the effect I want.
I don't like that I have to take the second dose with food. I usually fast until dinner time, and I'm finding that having to eat in the middle of the day is making me gain water weight. I am considering using only the calories from my butter coffee to count as a "meal" now that I've habituated to the compound enough not to get headaches from it.

All in all, I like this stack a lot. I think it's worth the money for the mood and creativity boost alone.

Life Changing!

I was a little skeptical the first week. I felt a little more energy and slight improvement in mood by day 4. During the second week of taking Qualia everything changed! I was really shocked by how easy everything has become! I don't have any brain fog and I have not been getting stressed out or anxious at work anymore! My overall mood levels and sense of well-being are at all time highs and I feel like I can accomplish 1.5x my regular work load without any fatigue. Strangly enough I can do this and while feeling relaxed and just feeling good doing whatever tasks are presented at any given time. Then after I leave work I still have tons of energy all the way up until bedtime! At first I was worried that all the exces energy would make it harder to fall asleep at night, but Ive actually found it to be just the opposite. I fall asleep in half the time and I dont wake in the middle of the night as frequently as I had before taking Qualia. I remember my dreams more and I think Ive been getting more REM sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed every day. Its amazing!

Best nootropic in my experience

Most nootropics for me had a side effect of jitters, headache, or fogginess. Qualia gave me brain clarity, focus the first day i took it and was sustained for a good 5 hrs noticeably. I haven't felt any "crash" or side effect with the product. I feel it's a really top quality product.