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Qualia was designed to cause a noticeable uplift in your subjective experience of focus, energy, and mood within 30 minutes of taking it, as well as support long-term brain health and central nervous system function. Qualia is a product designed to maximize mental and emotional potential by addressing both short and long term wellness.

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it works!


Definitely experiencing renewed focus and energy. Motivated to pursue more throughout the day!:)

LOVE my Qualia Experience

I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for that little edge for cognitive performance.

Listening to Daniel on this podcast really demonstrated their (Qualia Team) commitment to quality, and also their understanding that the human system is a complex adaptive system, so anything you introduce into that system will have global effects.

This is so important to understand as most supplement companies sacrifice something in order to achieve something else, without a consideration for the overall impact on their client's overall system. This plus the rigour around product selection made it a no-brainer to try.

The results have been equally as impressive. For me, Qualia helped take the edge of my mind chatter, allowing for a deeper thought process on the tasks that I am focused on at the time. I really liken it to a (mushroom) microdose in terms of the effect... but hey that's just me.

Definitely worth a try!



Old timer on a new adventure

Top marks excellent product