Peter L.
Member Since 2018-06-13 18:05:45 UTC

Noticed the difference!


Qualia Mind
2018-09-12 15:33:42 UTC

After a few days I noticed the difference. I was doing a few sets of Dual N Back each morning and jumped from 6 to 9 n back on Qualia. Felt sharp overall. Going to continue using it.

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Michael R.
2019-01-15 16:09:48 UTC
Mental Energy

I've been using Neurohacker products now for well over a year. The mental energy boost I get from them is a must. I am a new CEO of a Hospital in the Midwest and wouldn't be able to make it thru the day with all I have to learn and th...Read more.

Tyson S.
2018-08-26 22:02:04 UTC

The best mind product I’ve ever tried. Focus and problem solving have never been better when I take Qualia Mind. Y’all really knocked it out of the park with this product

Becky .
2018-06-02 17:32:36 UTC

Taking Qualia has improved my ability to focus and also quickly get back to task when I am interrupted. I can move seamlessly through a variety of tasks with amazing recall. It’s a valuable tool for me.

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