Jennifer Norton
Production Manager

No one’s quite sure what to call Jen here, other than pure awesomeness. She wears a million hats at Neurohacker, though photographic evidence suggests she’ll often show up as Heisenberg in a lab coat to mix some (legal) goodies.

In truth Jen likes to fly below the radar, more comfortable as Diana Prince than as her alter ego. She’ll tell you about her four babies (two dogs, two cats). She’ll tell you how she and her husband like mountain biking because it’s like hiking on crack (careful on the metaphors, Jen! — we’d rather call it ‘hiking on Qualia’).

She won’t tell you about her super powers. Gently omitting the fact that she was one of the first investors in Neurohacker. That she took a yoga course with the Iyengar family in India back before yoga was really even cool, or a 3 year teacher training at the renowned Iyengar Yoga Center of San Diego. Or that she owns a pilates studio. That she’s Vegan. That she speaks Spanish. Or that she . . . etc., etc., etc.

What you might suss out from all of this is that Jen has really become an integral part of Neurohacker Collective because she’s committed herself to making the world a better place however she can, whether that’s kindness to animals, creating life-enhancing nootropic stacks, or combatting Circe, Doctor Psycho, Giganta, and Hades while clad in ‘Merican spandex (no photographic evidence of that).

Owner of the Lasso of Truth, silver indestructible bracelets, and a nifty projectile tiara — here at Neurohacker Jen’s our Jen-of-all-Trades.

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