Forrest Landry
CEO, Magic Flight

You might know him as the founder and CEO of Magic Flight, a company among the first to introduce the portable vaporizer to the world, but Forrest Landry is really a philosopher, writer, researcher, scientist, engineer, craftsman, and teacher who has been studying and practicing the varied High Arts since the mid 70’s.

Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than Fear. Always choose on the basis of Love.”
– Forrest Landry

Before creating Magic Flight, Forrest was a third generation master woodworker who found that he had a unique set of skills in large scale software systems design. This led to work in the production of several federal classified and unclassified systems, including various FBI investigative projects, TSC, IDW, DARPA, the Library of Congress Congressional Records System, and many others.

This work was a fun diversion, but Forrest’s heart has always been most focused on metaphysics – the study of what is, what is the nature of being, what is the nature of knowing, and why are we all here. And, so, the most challenging system design that Forrest has tacked is his work “The Immanent Metaphysics” a decades long effort to restore legitimacy to the practice of metaphysics and construct a rigorous, coherent and precise statement of, well, everything. If this sounds exciting, consider downloading and reading it or exploring the “Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom” and “The Effective Choice”.

Of course, the kind of esoteric language required by philosophy puts it out of reach for most people. Hence, Magic Flight. While it is certainly a road less traveled, it might be fair to say that Forrest developed the portable vaporizer and created Magic Flight principally to get his message into more people’s hands and to create an organization that is a living embodiment of a philosophy. Its mission: That other people breathe easier in their lives because of what we do in ours. We believe in people having free choice and allowing people to make beautiful, ethical choices. We think that the aesthetic and the functional go well together, like peanut butter and chocolate.

Which is greater: the idea OF the box, or the idea ON the Box? Either way, it works rather well.

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